How to Make Extra Money Doing Research Online


Do you feel like you’re constantly online researching one thing after another? I’ve definitely found myself going down the research black hole a time (or a dozen) only to snap out of it after an hour or more. Research can be addictive!

It turns out that if you are addicted to research there are ways to profit from it. Most of these ways to make money doing internet research can provide you a little extra cash and a couple of the ideas could even turn into full-time gigs.

Here are six ways you can get paid for research.

Researching Questions with Wonder

Wonder is a site that caters to professionals, companies and students who need questions answered but aren’t fond of doing the research themselves.

Wonder hires freelance researchers to answer the questions submitted by their clients. As a researcher you can choose from the questions and perform the research to answer them.

See below for an example of some questions asked on Wonder.

The pay depends upon the complexity of the question and how long it will take to answer it. The top researchers earn up to $35 per hour and $2,000 per month. Pay is every two weeks via Paypal. You can read more about Wonder and their requirements here.

Perform Web Research Through Click Worker

Clickworker is a micro task site that hires freelancers to perform various duties, one being internet research. When you sign up with Clickworker you’ll be prompted to take assessments to show that you have the necessary skills in the areas you want to work.

Once you pass the assessments you’ll be able to choose from a list of jobs available. Each job will have different requirements and different payment amounts depending upon time and complexity.

Jobs that are processed on Clickworker are payable after seven days. Payment is made via Paypal every week or month once the minimum account balance of $5.30 is reached.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re comfortable finding your own clients, becoming a virtual assistant is a great option for turning internet research into a profitable job.

Virtual Assistants perform a wide variety of tasks (see over 30 of them here) with web research being one of them.

If you want your work to be comprised of mostly internet research assignments here are some ideas:

  • Work with freelance writers researching, collecting data and organizing information.
  • You can work with business professionals booking flights and hotels, looking for business networking opportunities and performing other types of research.
  • Work for a store owner, Amazon seller or eBay flipper researching new trends, marketing ideas and more.

If you’re creative you can find a way to tie some of what you already know to internet research and make a job out of it.

If this interests you here’s more on how to become a virtual assistant.

Become an “Expert” on Question Sites

Have you ever done a search on Google and landed on a site where professionals or other experts had answered the question you asked? If so, chances are those experts were paid to answer to that question.

There are a few well-known sites that will pay its “experts” to answer questions (these will often times require research.) The pay usually depends upon how many views the question receives. Also, different sites will have different criteria that needs to be met in order to become an expert.

Just Answer – This site hires experts to answer questions. The amount you earn will depend upon how many hours per week you can work and your expertise. It appears that a certification or degree may be needed to prove your area of expertise. Just Answer is currently hiring.

Experts123 – With this site you can answer questions and write articles for money. The pay depends upon how much traffic you can get to your answers/articles.